1st Volunteer Best Draw Ever

Winners Announcement

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce the winners of our 1st Volunteer Best Draw Ever
Drum roll, please….


 Lise, you are the lucky winner of,   One Roots & Blues Single Day Pass for Saturday, August 19, 2023


 Barb, you are the winner of,
Two Rounds of Golf at the Overlander Golf & Event Centre in Armstrong

 Congratulations ladies!

If you wonder how we ended with two winners, sit down and enjoy because I have a good story. So, our first Volunteer Best Draw Ever winner was not Lise or Barb. The first winner was actually Pat McCloskey, but when I called Pat to give him the good news, he informed me that he and his wife Caroline were going away during Roots & Blues and that they don't golf, so he asked me to draw another name and to include the staff in the draw. So, I followed his instructions and drew a new winner. This time the winner was Barb Raynor. When I called Barb to give her the good news, she told me that she already had tickets for Roots & Blues and that she didn't play golf and asked me to draw another name, so I did. This time the winner was Lise, and after I informed her that she was the winner of the Best Draw Ever and talked about the prize, she was excited to accept the ticket for Roots and Blues, but she doesn't play golf and, she asked me too to draw another name. and that is how Barb became a winner as well. Uff, it got tricky for a bit, LOL.

Lise and Barb have been volunteering at the Village for quite some time. Lise volunteers in the Archives Department and has been the volunteer with the highest amount of volunteered hours for the last few years. Barb is one of the Dinner Theatre volunteers; Wednesday is her day, and she has been doing it for years.

To Barb Raynor and Pat McCloskey, you both have been huge supporters of the Village and are versatile in your volunteer roles. Pat, from maintaining his trail and helping with events set up to food plating & bussing at Dinner Theatre, weddings or functions. Barb, you started as an interpreter and offered House and Village tours; now, you are involved in all areas, from the Archive department to House Tours, helping during Dinner theatre and Weddings & Functions to Gold Panning.

To all of you, THANK YOU! All your work and dedication are highly appreciated. Working with you is always a pleasure. Pat, Barb & Lise, thank you for allowing another volunteer to win. Lise & Barb, enjoy your prize; congratulations!

Quick fun fact, 78 volunteers participated in the 1st Volunteer Best Draw Ever with 162 entries. That is a lot of volunteered shifts, so be proud of yourselves; in my eyes, you are all winners.

I also want to thank Roots & Blues and the Overlander Golf & Event Centre for supporting R.J. Haney's Volunteer Program. Because of local businesses and organizations like these, we can show our appreciation to our fantastic group of volunteers.


Have a wonderful day, and remember we will have a 2nd Volunteer Best Draw Ever for the shifts worked during August and September. Check your email and let me know which shifts you can help with.



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