Major Dinner Theatre Sponsor Packages Are Ready

Your Dinner Theatre Sponsor Package is Ready!

Fire Watch

Your sponsor package is ready for pickup at the Village! Let me know if you would like to drop by and pick it up or make other arrangements.

Your package includes eight tickets. You can use these tickets for yourself or as giveaways to friends, customers or your staff. Reservations are a must. Don't be disappointed. Call early in the season to make your reservations and meal selection 250-832-5243.

Thank you for your continued support of the R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum dinner theatre program. This season we are celebrating twenty-nine years of Villains and Vittles Dinner Theatre Productions with the production of "Fire Watch!"

The magic of Fire Watch is the collaboration between the playwright/director, Sara Schreiner and the cast and musician. Sara may have written a script, but they brought it to life with their ideas and music. Sitting together and sharing nostalgic memories from their childhoods, Sara stitched those stories throughout the script. The play is a series of monologues that weave together to tell the story of family, loss, change and growth, but mostly, of the love between Fathers and Daughters and the near worship-like admiration of little brothers. While the characters and story are fictional, the stories bring it to life on stage.

Our talented cast of "Fire Watch!" is Raymond Hubscher and Sadira Maddigan—original musical score by Kevin Scott on the guitar and piano.

Shows are every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday during July and August, and a special matinee is on Thursday, August 24.

Check-in starts at 5:00 pm. Enjoy a home-cooked dinner with all the pioneer fixings from the Sprig of Heather restaurant. Dessert will follow the play with homemade rhubarb crisp and ice cream.

See you soon,



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