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Diane's database

It started with a phone call. Diane Ambil and I were talking about an article I wanted to see in the next publication of the Okanagan Historical Society Reports. As the OHS’s local editor, Diane was thrilled with a proposed piece on Mah Yick—owner of a hand laundry who bucked a trend. I’m not sure how we landed on a subject so dear to my heart. Maybe my nearing retirement brought it on. I told Diane my news—that I was pleased the executive agreed I could stay on next...

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An opportunity of a lifetime

Knúcwentwecw - the bridges built by Dr. Mary Thomas, is an exhibit that exhibit celebrates the work of Dr. Mary Thomas. It is a collection of portraits, artefacts, and audio interviews that illustrate the impact Dr. Mary had on people, both indigenous and non. She was a woman ahead of her time.

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There was a post office in White Lake?

Every once in a while a researcher has a question that feels out of the blue. This summer there have been a several questions no one has asked before. Luckily, our receptionist Ashley is pretty careful about taking messages. Ashley told me, “John called. He’d like to know where the post office was in White Lake. Will you call him back?” “Of course I will!” I responded. I called John. He told me he’d lived most of his life in White Lake and someone...

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