R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum lost a true friend when Trudy Hall suddenly passed away in January. Trudy was a tireless volunteer who served the association for decades.

President Norma Harisch brought Trudy to her first
Board meeting in 1991. There was a vacancy on the board. We  were without a secretary. Norma and Trudy had been friends for a long time and what do true friends do? Convince their friends to work for free!

Trudy knew many of the board members. Her grandparents were early settlers and the family farmed in the Mt. Ida District since 1906. Trudy had a deep connection to the history of the area.

Of course, Trudy didn’t let on that she knew she was being conned.

When the Board and staff a R.J. Haney Heritage Village & Museum decided to host Spooktacular, Trudy joined in on the fun. Dressed in a suit, her hands cradled her head against her chest. Her outfit was convincing. Trudy looked truly decapitated. She delighted in telling others that the secret to her costume was in her shoulders – made from empty beer cases.

Trudy continued to serve the organization as secretary and vice-president. She sat on many committees, dressed up for Heritage Week, donated annually to the silent auction, and convinced Bruce to make Action Safety a nightly sponsor for dinner theatre.

Trudy was incredibly proud of R.J. Haney Heritage Village. She and Bruce manufactured the school program's "Haney Gold" for many years, perfecting the art of making brass nuggets for kids hoping to strike it rich! Their nuggets passed for real gold and hundreds of kids caught gold fever every year.

When we were building the Children's Museum in 2021, Trudy started buying Jenga blocks and wooden puzzles on  Facebook marketplace. We had to fill the discovery drawers with games and activities that could be sterilized. Pre-loved toys helped make the museum COVID-safe. When asked if she wanted an income tax receipt for her purchases, Trudy shook her head. She was just doing her part.

When the space opened, Trudy brought her "local" grandchildren, spending hours exploring the space with them. When Jana and family came for a visit, Trudy made an event of it, bringing both her adult children, their spouses,
and her grandchildren.  Trudy arranged for a private tour with her family. Her eyes shone. She was so proud of the kids and her connection to the Village. She was making a memory to treasure. 


All of us at the Village will miss Trudy.






Trudy's obituary.