These are exciting times in the archives! This glass plate image was accessioned in 1987 as a home. Its photographer and date are unknown. The digital image caught my eye when looking through the collection for photos to submit to the Salmon Arm Observer in Our History in Pictures. The door placement and windows looked more like a church so I checked the image against other known churches in the area. The windows didn't line up. I contacted Sherwood Inglis, long time resident of the area and contributor to The Many Faces of Mt. Ida.

Sherwood identified the church right away.

"That's the Silver Creek Methodist, later the United Church... It was built by Riddle sometime in the 1907 - 1909 period. The same church roof that Riddle fell off during construction. It is the same basic blue print as the Mt Ida Church at Haney Heritage Village. In the 1960 era, the student minister did services at both churches, at different times of the day. At roughly the same time as the United Church sold the Mt Ida location, they sold the Silver Creek one, too. A house now occupies the site , but if you stand in front of the house, the background will be pretty much identical to the background in the photo. One difference is, like the Mt Ida site, the church started out with no trees, but by 1960, the grounds hosted a number trees that were a  foot to foot and a half diameter. These are gone now. I think they were firs. Great picture."

And that confirmation meant we could update our records! Thank you Sherwood.